A personalized fitness studio custom fit for you where you can:
F ocus on fitness
I mprove your health
T rain on your time

Times are changing and finding time to exercise  in today's busy world can be a challenge. A custom designed home studio can help keep workout routines intact.

A personal fitness studio is one of the top amenities that homeowners want to incorporate into their homes.  The move to working out in the comfort and privacy of one's home is being driven largely by time-strapped homeowners who want to work when they choose.  People are more apt to walk down their hall and workout after a busy day, than to go outside of their home.

People are very busy, but also more health conscious, so it's important that they exercise daily.  A properly designed home fitness studio increases the likelihood of that happening.

The Process
  • Initial consultation
  • Budget and Space analysis
  • Health and Fitness Assessment

The Plan
  • Equipment layout and design
  • Itemized product selections
  • Fitness profile provided
  • Product ordered, delivered and setup

The Program
  • Initial personal training workout
  • Optional online fitt4u training program

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